Eden Shadow is one of the youngest and freshest bands to appear in the art and progressive rock scene. Led by Welsh musician Ryan Elliott, the band sets out to make records that are both musically and conceptually grand in its scope, eclectic and outright ambitious and audacious. Eden Shadow also presents their music in a way that aims to capture all the magic of the ‘golden’ era of the album from bands in the 70’s such as King Crimson and Pink Floyd whilst also looking forward to the future and the opportunities that the modern musical age has to offer.

Eden Shadow released their debut album ‘Phases’ in January 2014 through White Knight Records whilst Elliott was studying at the academy of contemporary music. The album was a collection of material that Elliott had written from the age of 16 and was produced and released with the introduction of bandmates, Alex Broben on Bass and Tom Burgess on Drums; the album also featured a guest appearance from Hawkwind’s Nik Turner. ‘Phases’ was well received in the progressive community by reviewers and fans alike, and has sold copies in UK, USA, countries across Europe, Russia, Brazil and Japan.

In October 2016, Eden Shadow released their sophomore album, Melodies for Maladies an intense, ambitious and hard edged record that has widened the bands’ profile. The record featured a new line up with Aled Lloyd on drums as well as artwork from Colin Elgie, (the same artist who created Pink Floyd and Genesis covers) and a guest appearance from woodwind and saxophonist extraordinaire Theo Travis. The record has received critical acclaim amongst the progressive metal community. The album conceptual explores dark themes such as subterfuge, the media, politics of fear, war, anxiety, depression and loss. Despite a heavy exploration into the melancholy, there is always a sense of subtle optimism.

Read an interview with Elliott https://progarchy.com/2016/10/19/interview-ryan-mark-elliott-of-eden-shadow/


3 thoughts

  1. Outstanding music. Picked up both Hail & Phases. My current favorites. Keep up the excellent work. Glad you guys are carrying the program torch.

  2. i discovered your Music tonight…….great ! Elgon……..premium to ride a car by night.

    cheers, Wolfgang (54)

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