Ryan Mark Elliott Debut Album

Yesterday, I announced that I will be releasing my debut solo album this coming summer.

As I set out to write the new material for my upcoming recording, it made total sense to me to release this music under my own name.

This means that I no longer intend to release music as Eden Shadow.

That certainly does not mean an end to things, just a natural step for me to start a new chapter.

It’s my every intention to keep playing my catalogue with ES and continue having it there to be heard.

I’ll always remain proud of the work I’ve done under the guise of Eden Shadow as well as be fond of the memories I experienced with all the members involved in this project.

I also remain thankful to those of you have supported ES, listened to the music, bought records and saw us live. Some of you have been here since the start of my musical creations being released!

I welcome you to visit the links below, where you can connect with me as I release my new music.

Warm regards,


My Facebook page.


My Instagram


My Twitter account.


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