Newsletter on EP release, live shows and other beginnings.


Hail is an instrumental suite, the majority was recorded in my home studio in Wales. During the time I was recording Phases, I ended up with a lot of ideas, some that eventually became the eight “Phases” of our concept album whilst there was still other finished material that remained inspiring to me that I wanted to release as another package.

The four songs that feature on “Hail” were all very exciting to record. I set out to create sounds and melodies influenced by all the progressive bands I love but it also includes many styles inspired by Electronica, Classical and Music for Film. Consequently the writing process for this EP was very exciting and adventurous and I hope that you will find the EP just as exciting and as adventurous as I did.

The Band will be heading to Southampton to engineer and record Tom’s drums in Southampton next month. After that, the EP will be mixed and mastered by my good friend Gerwyn Howley and we are expecting to have a release date set around Late March available in Physical and Digital formats through Itunes, Amazon etc. and of course the EP will be available at our live shows.

Speaking of Live shows, myself, Alex and Tom by around that time would have been rehearsing together for 5 months and we will be booking a selection of gigs around Wales and South England. We shall keep you updated ASAP.

And to finish, the three of us are organising a photo shoot and a series of videos to post out to you regularly. This includes footage of our rehearsals, recording and mixing sessions, interviews and some moments when we are just being our typically goofy proggy selves.

Much Love!


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