We Invite YOU to join us!

Since the Internet has expanded out and beyond, the way in which people connect and communicate has changed massively. Over the years, people’s interests have cultivated and we are free to discuss with people across the world our shared interests and passions.

Growing up in my generation, it was always difficult to find many with a similar music taste to mine, (that being progressive rock). Around the age of 16, I’ve used social media and after soon sharing my love for a non-mainstream genre, I started getting invited to radio stations and found a load of different forums online discussing this music. It was so liberating! Since following my musical endeavours for 2 years and the recent announcement of Eden Shadow I am proud to say that I’m part of such a community. It’s really inspiring to connect with people who love Prog and can contribute and inspire my own musical experiments and it’s great to see such phenomenal music out there.

Prior to the release of “Hail” (28th May WhiteKnight Records), Eden Shadow would like to invite all interested to keep up to date with all news updates, video uploads and tour announcements.

You can subscribe to our website at the bottom of our home page by selecting follow.

Additionally we welcome you to join our Eden Shadow Facebook Page and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. 

Through these channels we welcome you to share with us your interests in progressive rock. We look forward to hearing from you!

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