Farewell to Uncle Pablo’s Studio.

Whilst we have been a bit quiet over the recent months. All three of us have been working away on studying for our degrees, pursuing different projects and planning the post production stages of our debut album. With regards to the debut album, it’s been a really exciting month for us, the mixes are getting there, and we cannot wait to start sharing it with you. 

On with this blog’s subject title: we returned to Uncle Pablo’s rehearsal studios on Saturday, based in Poole, and had been very kindly invited to play a set down there to celebrate the closing down of the studio. 

This came as sad news to us, since we have many fond memories down there including, sleeping there after playing our first gig and using the studios for the majority of the guitar recordings for the debut album.

Tom Burgess Eden Shadow


Ryan Elliott Eden Shadow

The night was great fun, and there was a plethora of music, from raging punk to long Hawkwind style space rock jams, to Gary Numan style synth pop to prog. I think it’s safe to say that a very joint effort by all people associated with the studio gave Uncle Pablo’s a certainly great send off. 

We would like to thank Alan, Graham and all at Uncle Pablo’s for the help and support they have provided Eden Shadow…from giving us a space to record, to allowing us to have somewhere to sleep after playing a gig! We wish them all the best in continuing to support underground music and keeping the community alive… 

Long live experimental-industrial-space-prog rock and roll!

Eden Shadow  




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