Happy New Year from Eden Shadow.

Alas, 2013 is nearly over! What a journey that was ey? Now comes the obligatory time to reflect.

This year has been an incredibly rewarding if challenging year for us. We have lost ourselves in the inconceivable mad world that is post – production and trying to get this album of ours finished. Delays have been made, disaster hath struck, hard drives have become soft drives…BUT…we got there! We finished, Tis finished and we are on track for release!

We have received theĀ masters and we have listened to them through start to finish. We are truly elated with them and proud to be finally releasing it to you!

2014 not only brings us the release of our debut album ‘Phases’ but we also have 2 music videos on the way, some shows as well as other exciting prospects that we will keep under wraps for now and shall be revealed in time. We are thoroughly excited about what’s to come.

With that said, all that is left to say is THANK YOU to you, our friends, followers, supporters, likers, Eden Shadites or whatever you wish to call yourselves! Thank you for the continued patience and support, and we wish to you all the best for the New Year! Now get off social media and drink yourselves silly! (Unless you’re a minor!)




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