Eden Shadow May Newsletter

It has been nearly four months since we released our debut album, ‘Phases’ and over that time, we have been truly humbled by the response we have had. It has been and still is a great pleasure emailing and getting in touch with everyone to talk about the album and see that so many people from all over the world are enjoying our music so much…thank you!

Over recent weeks, things have gone a little quiet, mainly due to mine and Tom’s commitment as students and Alex’s work commitments. For those who are interested, I have been locked away writing about the role of concept and extended song structure in progressive rock (with particularly in-depth study of classic masterpieces such as Close to the Edge by Yes and Starless by King Crimson to newer pieces such as Tool’s The Grudge and Steven Wilson’s The Holy Drinker). Besides Eduard Macan’s ‘Rocking the classics’ and few other books, there is little literature on the subject of progressive music. Especially that which covers newer albums at a time where progressive music seems to be growing in terms of its fan base and following; consisting of both the generation that grew up in the 70’s and the younger fans including ourselves! (Or Eden ‘Babies’ to quote a reviewer!) This leaves me with the desire to publish it on my blog, I will let you know of its arrival!

Tom on the other hand has been busy in his synth lab, mistaking patch cables for strawberry laces and finding space in his studio amongst his drum kit, desktop computer and modular synths to build a cassette Mellotron! It will be very likely that this Mellotron will appear on the new record.

Speaking of the NEW record, we are working on the follow-up to ‘Phases’ and have been for a while.

‘Phases’ as an album is in some ways a solo effort from myself, it is cerebral and the music of someone young and naive…for that I am very proud of it; but in contrast the new album shows a much more collective effort from the band. We can’t give away too much just yet, but we will tell you that is certainly going to be much more arcane, raw and ambitious. We are looking forward to continuing this journey of improving as musicians, and seeing where this new record takes us!

Touring isn’t entirely practical for many bands today, and as much as we love playing live, it is quite a challenge for us at the moment. We will be playing live occasionally but for now, the focus is going to be on the new record.

In other news, we are preparing to release a range of T-shirts as Eden Shadow merchandise designed by Katy Burgess and will be announcing them in the coming weeks and where they are available to order.

And finally, throughout the year, whilst we work on the new album, we will be collecting a series of bootleg recordings as we play live to release them for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud.

We look forward to updating you as we make progress.

Prog on,





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